Love me, I’m just a Girl

Every time you tell me you love me,
You break my heart
With those three words you make a million promises
Promises that you will not keep
Probably know it
When you say it
But you just have to
Get my hopes up
And let me believe in you
And again
Comes the pain
Comes the realization of how foolish and blind love can be
Comes the promise to let you go
And again
You beat me up and let me yell out in pain
Just so you can feel like a man
Constantly taking advantage and defiling me
Making me feel less like a woman and more like a used tampon discarded in the toilet
Always using and abusing me
Making me feel less human and more like a used piece of tissue
Flushed down the toilet along with the rejects of your stomach

Days go by like winter is coming
Another Sunday comes and its time to fake a smile
Time to keep up the act, to hide the fact that I’m hurting
In my heart and in my mind
To the depth of my soul this hurt penetrates
The bruises on my skin represent your ‘love’ for me
Got nowhere to hide
No one knows what goes on inside,
You’ve got me too scared to speak out and admit what’s going on

But then you smile at me
Then you’re polite and nice and sweet
Just like a real man should be
And then, comes the realization why you won’t let me go
I forgive
All your mistakes
Wiped out and obliterated
Ready for a fresh start with you
And again
Comes the longing to be with you
Comes the longing to see you smiling, showing just how much you care
And again
I fall for it
I open up my heart and
I let you in
Doesn’t seem to matter how hard i try
I can’t seem to let you go either
Because I will always love you, even when it hurts
Just like a daughter should. . .



Compromise: Live for now, Die another day

There was once a great wall surrounding me

Big and strong, made of concrete and steel

At a time when I wasn’t looking to be rescued

But just felt I needed the time to wallow in my guilt

Sweetness, kindness, tender love and care

Your chosen weapons of mass destruction

To break down the fortress that had become my cage

You set me free

Almost a year later

And here we are

Here you are building the wall again

Feels suffocating but I’m helpless

The same weapons just won’t work on you

Alone and confused

Trying to understand but failing

But apparently, that makes the wall go higher

Lost with all hope depleting

I have but one choice to make

Suffocate or run while I still can

Ain’t that a damn shame

Should have seen this coming

But no time for shoulda, woulda, coulda

It seems I can’t survive without suffocating

Neither can I survive if I continue suffocating

Maybe tomorrow my prayers will be answered

Or maybe today will just be my last. . .


This is what it feels like to be untitled
Not restricted by words to define myself
Appreciating my freedom and not afraid to use it
I have the freedom to write what I feel without having to apologize just to make you smile
Truth is what I speak
I don’t mind being un-norm
All I need is these words to be heard
I don’t mind being misunderstood
I just need to be felt
So as long as you get the message that means you have felt
Me and what I mean to say
I don’t need a script for this
Reality this is
Taking one day at a time
One step at a time
One breath at a time
One bite at a time

Even in this cold
World that spins 365 times
I choose to survive
Because above I will rise…
They say the sky’s the limit
But what if I don’t need a limit
My destination is HEAVEN
So shouldn’t that be my limit?
I refuse to inhibit
My potential shall be explored just like an exhibit
I will sing a song and dance along
In celebration of tomorrow
The world of tomorrow…
How I long for tomorrow
How I long for the days when there is peace in this world
Through this spoken word
That’s a cause

A moment of silence for all those that won’t be there tomorrow
Fight we shall in their honor and on their behalf for tomorrow
When tomorrow does come we will be prepared
No more excuses of ignorance and illiteracy
No more pain just to gain our hearts desires
They shall be served to us on a silver platter
As the promises of tomorrow are fulfilled
And the truth of tomorrow is revealed
And tomorrow this world be destroyed…..
But the question is….


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