Do the right thing: How to treat your ‘HATER’

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So I just had my last class of first year yesterday and I’m super overjoyed especially  when I’m not freaking out about exams but that’s another testimony for another day. But before I get back to studying, I just wanted to share with you my divine realization of what/who a ‘hater’ is and their actual purpose in your life.


You know how God said, ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’, well, here we are still dying. And one of the reasons may be because of our haters. Let me explain. I know when you think of haters you probably think of celebrities especially a lot of rappers, and Taylor Swift always thanking their haters for making them who they are. And we sit back and think, they are just being dramatic. But then having haters, is soo not new, I just think that we have been looking at it all wrong. You see, the Bible is so full of haters, you literally can’t count them. Today, let’s focus on these characters four and how they dealt with their haters.

So step into my mind for a moment….

Adam and Eve

So Adam and Eve were given a perfect planet as a gift, just because. Not because they earned it but just because God felt like they should have it. They didn’t have global warming or droughts or famines or exams. It was literally wake up and chill all day err’day. They were their own bosses and just had two things to do: be fruitful and take care of the earth. Isn’t that the dream we are all working hard for? So anyway, these guys are chilling in the garden and a snake comes to hate on them, insisting that Eve isn’t smart. Well, we all know how that ended. They ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and now we all have to die so we can see God. Do you know how many times I look at the news and I just think to myself again, ‘Adam and Eve, you just had two things to do’ but it’s fine. Do you see what happens when you try to prove yourself to your haters? You just die trying.


Next we have Noah. God told him to build an ark, a huge one for him and his family and pairs of all types of animals except the fish. (That used to be a trick question in CRE). To be honest, I would have been hater number 1, how are you going to be in the same space as snakes and spiders? I can’t, I just can’t. But he ignored the people laughing at him and listened to the only voice that mattered, God’s. And we know how that ended, he survived the end of the world. Because God delivers you from all evil if you allow yourself to listen to His instructions and follow them. (But to be fair, people still fail interviews for not listening and following instructions but the people that get the job are usually the ones that do, so it’s not impossible, it’s just difficult.)


I feel like this guy was a cool kid. I feel like he was that guy that no one messes with. He might have been that guy that drops a one liner, drops mic and exits stage. But his haters were still on his case, telling him he was worshiping the wrong God. But He knew the right thing to do was just to let God reveal Himself to them. And so he and the prophets of Baal went to the mountain for a fire contest (because there were no dance battles in those days). And he let them struggle and struggle and release all their madness, literally all of it before he prayed and God sent the fire. It was such a boss move, the type we wish to pull off but don’t because we lack the necessary ingredient (no, I don’t mean chemical X). Yeah, he may have been a bit dramatic telling them to pour water on the logs but that’s what you do when you have an audience, you perform. But in the end, all he needed was confidence, not in himself but in God. Because GODfidence lets you WIN in the face of any adversity. 


Jesus had the best of everything going on for Him. When Daddy owns the universe, like what do you do with your life? He was basically a rich kid, but He came from heaven to earth to be adopted by a carpenter. And it’s not like it was an exchange program for just a semester, he stayed for 33 years. Like who does that? I can barely last two weeks in my shagz. If I was Jesus, I would have had a lot of fun after just rising from the dead. No Snapchat to ruin the surprise, I’d show up everywhere like nothing happened and watch people go crazy. But you see that’s why I’m just a girl and Jesus is Lord. And that’s the thing, Jesus is Lord. He could have destroyed everyone who mocked Him but instead He chose to die for them. Like who does that? I could spend a whole lifetime trying to understand but I still would not be able to. Because my corrupted human heart and soul could not possibly fathom such a perfect sacrifice. Because haters just need some love, the perfect love of Christ.

So we have been looking at the whole ‘hater’ thing wrongly as Christians. There is so much love that we could give, flowing from Christ in us if only we would allow it. But instead we complain about our haters and pray that God will give us a testimony that will put our haters to shame. But is that really what He has called us to do?

We basically have two choices; give in to trying to prove ourselves to our haters and die or we can let them see the God in us. The God we have total confidence in to order our steps, the God who makes us loving and the God who is very capable of proving nothing is impossible for Him. 

So what will you decide?


4 thoughts on “Do the right thing: How to treat your ‘HATER’

  1. I like your style of writting. You can be funny n sarcastic n still declare Jesus is Lord on the same article. 🙂 Well researched too. kudos…. and yeah, I used to hate my haters. time to shed some love on ’em


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