Facing my fears: The story of the Phantom Lizard and other freaky creatures

Jambo my loves!

SO it’s 3.43 am as I start to write this post and it’s because I am freaked out. Like super freaked out!! Earlier today, I was just minding my business, as usual, when a friend sent me a picture of a snake that had been spotted on campus. So of course, I’m super freaked out. Just last week, I had 4 people come to help me get rid of a gecko that I thought was stalking me in my room and the thought of it freaked me out so you can imagine how scared I must be feeling right now. (PS, we discovered an hour later that there was no gecko in my room, it was actually just a part of the fridge that looked like one but the snake was definitely real, at least, I think so).

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SO, it’s 3.47 am and I’m thinking of all the crazy things I have seen this week. From the gecko/lizard that was in my room and then it wasn’t anymore, to the spiders that have been stalking me for the past 2 days, and the giant butterfly that blocked my path earlier today. What a frightful week it has been, and it’s not even Halloween. And I’m sitting here thinking about all my cousin Kim told me about snakes. Thanks Kim, now I can’t sleep. (PS, a horror film for me is a NatGeo documentary on random creatures, especially when they show you all the creatures in the ocean and I wonder how people consciously swim in it with their eyes closed.)

SO it’s 3.57 am and I am trying to convince myself that I will have to sleep eventually and I should do it with the lights off. After going through my usual ‘freaking out’ process of imagining the snake coming after me, I  did the obvious, and I declared in the name of Jesus that nothing would harm me for the three years I would be here no matter what flying cockroach/snake/spider/lizard/gecko/giant butterfly or anything that would normally scare me. (PS when I say giant butterfly, I’m talking about a butterfly whose wings are the size of my hands, and I have really long fingers so that’s saying a lot.)

SO it’s 4.03 am and I’m starting to feel better. Writing about this experience truly is quite therapeutic. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the wonderful creatures that God decided to create, and I know that we were supposed to live in harmony with them before Adam and Eve sinned, however, I would just prefer if we just kept a safe distance away from each other. Like 10 Kilometers for a start would be perfect!! But I realize, that’s not going to happen. I have to deal with the fact that I am living in a jungle and I am bound to hear about them every once in a while. But I am secure in the fact that I serve the God that created them. And that I am His child and He cares enough about me to not let them harm me.

SO it’s 4.08 am and I bet you’re wondering why I would share such a silly fear of giant butterflies that most adults would laugh about. But the thing is, these creatures could represent problems that you are facing in your life. You could be sitting in the corner or if you’re like me, you’re jumping up and down afraid to touch the floor so that nothing crawls on you, or just putting a blindfold over your eyes so that you don’t see the problem anymore. Or maybe you’re planning on drinking till you literally can’t see your problems. Either way, you’re doing it wrong!!

SO it’s 4.11 am and here comes the bad news: If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from math all these years it’s that a problem will only remain a problem until you gain the courage to face it and work out it’s solution. Life is not the type of exam where you can skip a problem and move on to the next. Like it or not, you have to work it out before it works you out. (PS, I actually just came up with that so feel free to quote me 😉 )

SO it’s 4.14 am and here comes the good news: Christ is the formula for all your problems. The great thing about life is that you just need one formula to work out all your problems. Just as it says in Acts 2:21, “And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Keyword being EVERYONE… It really is that simple, all you need to do is apply it.

SO it’s 4.18 am and I am getting ready to call it a night/early morning. Now that I have decided the name of the Lord is enough to ward off any unwanted visitors, I can sleep soundly and wake up to enjoy the last day of the year. And as you read this, I encourage you to write all your fears/ problems on a piece of paper, and after each fear/problem, put a question mark. And under each problem, write this  BUT JESUS SAVES. Because I am definitely doing the same.

Happy New Year my lovelies, let’s celebrate the victory over all we have overcome by faith in 2016.


He’s the Reason


First off, wishing you a very Merry Christmas, spend it wisely. That sounds weird but I don’t know what else to tell you, I needed the sentence to be a little bit longer 😉 . On the real though, I happen to be in a country with a Muslim majority, so Christmas doesn’t feel as ‘Christmasy’ as it usually feels at home. So while I have been getting ‘Merry Christmas’ messages, I have also been getting ‘Happy Winter Solstice’ and I’m like, okay, didn’t know that was a thing.

It seems a lot of people, us Christians included, tend to forget the reason for the season. While it is a great time to spend with the family, remember to celebrate the birth of Christ, even though it’s technically in March, this day is still the best time to celebrate his birth because it represent’s God’s love for us. I was watching Fringe and there was an episode where a guy kept trying to travel back in time to save his wife. Also reminded me of If, only where the same thing happened. And according to Fringe science, the observers can travel through time because it is a continuous loop and I started thinking maybe this is the same with Christ.

This could all be post midnight gibberish but humor me a bit. God is the same, past, present and future. He saw the end that would have come to us had we continued living without grace. So, He sent His Son and that altered our timeline, so that we do not have to perish, but if we choose the path of grace, we can be saved. We have a choice. I hope this is all making sense, but either way, my point is that 2016 is a week away. A lot of people are going to be making resolutions but I implore you to think about why you are here. Who you are living for.

Personally, I am aware that I am living for Him and that I am alive because of Him. So whether it’s X-mas or winter solstice, I know that I am celebrating and giving thanks to the God that loved me so much, He sent His Son to save my life. And for that, I am forever grateful.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, let’s do this again next week 😉 .