30 Day Writing Challenge: Day #28


Had such a good day, hope you had one too. Think I should call it a feel good Thursday, with some music playing in the background. On the real though, my anxiety is on some whole other level and it’s great to have you guys to write to, just something to take my mind off things. Especially since today’s challenge is excitoz (I think that’s slang for excitement). Cheers to Thursday excitoz and having two more days to go!!!

Today’s challenge is. . . Post 5 things that make you laugh out loud.

5. Trevor Noah aka The Daywalker

television animated GIF

4. Fat Amy, the original mermaid dancer

pitch perfect animated GIF

3. Stephen Merchant lip syncing to Single Ladies by Beyonce Z

television animated GIF

2.  Playing Mortal Kombat with James and Fred because this is how it feels like to play with them. The same move over and over and over, then a second to rest, then back to the same move till they win.

mortal kombat animated GIF

  1. Kim Kardashian crying. I am not a sadist, I promise, but just look at that face 😀 😀 😀 . . .  I just can’t take her seriously!!!

crying animated GIF


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