Day #23: An Open Letter to the Church

To the Church of God,

Thank you for complicating Christianity. It’s good to know that there are 3 branches of Christianity with at least 21,000 denominations of churches for 2.18 billion Christians. Cheers to that! It baffles me, however, that with all these Christians and with all these churches, there is still so much war and violence and misdeeds happening everyday. And what are most of us doing about it? Absolutely nothing! Just living in our ‘Christian bubble’ thinking that everything is alright in the world.

We have done a good job so far of having magnificent buildings where people may congregate to worship. Cheers to that! But I think we have been slacking in preaching the true word of God. For how long will we continue to manipulate scripture to grow the congregation just so that we can increase our income? For how long will we continue to accept so many things that the word of God teaches against? For how long will we continue to sell prosperity messages?

We have lost sight of our mission, the great commission. We are supposed to make disciples of all nations, not create a bubble where we decide which verses to follow and which to disregard. We have conformed to the world by allowing its practises into our domain. We have let the world reduce church to a cultural practice, but it is more than that, we are supposed to be the bride of Christ, and we are nowhere near being ready to meet Him.

We practise Christianity by going to church every Sunday and giving our tithes and offerings and commenting on how the worship and the sermon was inspiring, or how they that person sang off key and then we leave our Christianity at the gate and come back for it the next Sunday. The whole point of accepting Christ is to be an ambassador for Him wherever we go, in our schools, in our workplaces and with our friends. Yet, we have been so busy trying to construct boxes of what we can or can’t do as Christians that we have forgotten to actually reach out to those around us.

God Himself told the Israelites exactly what they could and couldn’t do and they still sinned every chance they got. But we have been given the gift of grace, it’s high time we plug into it. We don’t have to wait for Moses to tell us what God wants, He is ready to tell us Himself. We have received the power of the Holy Spirit that works within us and shows us the way to follow Christ. We need to stop complicating Christianity. Jesus laid it down very simply, Love God, Love thy neighbour.

Let’s go back to the simpler times when church was all about the fellowship of believers. Times when members would help one another through actions, and not just by prayer. We have turned the word into a theory rather than the choice to follow Christ and follow His commands. Christ fed the hungry, He healed the sick, He raised the dead. He did all these things to bring glory to the Father, and not to Himself and not to grow His followers. The moment we start doing what we are supposed to, then the world will definitely be a better place, because God lives in us, and God is love.

‘May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.’  Let this actually be our mantra. and not just how we say goodbye at the end of the service.


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