30 Day Writing Challenge: Day #21

Jambo auxiliaries!

So I’m just from reading this joke, that I absolutely have to share with you.

Q: What do Indian flowers grow?

A: Patels. They grow Patels :-D.

It’s a laugh out loud moment if you got it, if you don’t, just watch an Indian film and you’ll get to understand it. Back to serious business though, it’s day #21. I’m sooo excited though!! Again, today’s challenge is limiting me to just 3 things so I’ll try to categorize as best as I can. And if you’d like to see how all this began or you’d like to join then check out the challenge here. So today’s challenge is. . .

What 3 lessons do you want your children to learn from you?

  1. Trust God.

Because when He says He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all you could ever ask for or imagine, it’s actually true. You don’t need to be anxious about anything because He always has your best interests at heart. Adam and Eve and the rest of us could have been living such a stress free life if only we learned to trust God more than ourselves, instead of the other way round. Most of us barely trust ourselves so the thought of trusting Him is scary, but if you do, you get to live a little bit of heaven on earth.

2. Love your family.

Because God knew what He was doing when He placed you in that family. They are the chosen people to bring out the best possible you or they can be the best people that would lead you to Him. It really goes either way. He did not make a mistake. This applies to orphans and adopted children as well. God had a plan for who you needed to be around and who needed to raise you. Don’t ever feel like another family is better than yours or that you wish you were in a different family. Trust me, the grass is definitely not greener on the other side. Every family has it’s own drama and issues and the only way to overcome all that is by praying together and for one another.

3. Choose your friends wisely.

Because they are the next best thing after family, especially because you actually get to choose who should be your friend. A good friend will tell you when you are wrong, not just encourage you to go through with a mistake. They also shouldn’t dictate what you do but should instead let you make your own decisions. It’s actually very simple though: good friends= good you, bad friends = bad you. The Bible is very clear when it says ‘Bad company corrupts good morals’. I have been a victim of this myself because I just wanted to be stubborn and stand my ground. I have paid dearly for that so I def wouldn’t want you to make the same mistakes.


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