30 Day Writing Challenge: Day #20

Jambo my loves!

I still can’t believe I have made it this far and I definitely appreciate all the love and support. I have had such a chilled day and hope you have had/are having an amazing one as well. But don’t forget who you should thank, He more than deserves it :-D.

And now, on to another awkward challenge. I have to post about 3 celebrity crushes….

It’s soo hard to pick 3 out of …… but here goes :-D.

3. Liam Hemsworth

Because look at him. And the accent. And he’s tall. And those eyes @_@

2. Boris Kodjoe

Because he just has too much swag. And I like that he is actually mature enough to maintain a family and isn’t all over the place like most guys.

1.Banky W

Because he is such an amazing singer and I love that he has an amazing personality. I have actually met him so I’m definitely not just assuming that he does and because he retweeted me and I almost died. Plus, he is such a joker most times, I totally think he is a great person to be around. And most of all, because he promised to sing at my wedding ;-).

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