Day #19: About my first love

Jambo my people!

Shalom! And may the odds be ever in your favour. I have been dreading today’s challenge for quite a while because it requires a certain level of honesty. But since I have already shared most of my life with you, then I might as well just go on. I am super determined to finish this challenge and only have 11 more days to go. <Yaay>


Today’s challenge is: Discuss your first love.

My first love would have to be Peter. I met him at a time in my life when I had finally understood what love is and that’s exactly what I felt towards him. But, as you would have it, distance was against us and we had to end things. I am eternally grateful though for the year I spent getting to know him and just how much he inspired me to be a better version of myself by always encouraging me to maintain my relationship with God. May God bless him abundantly for being such a blessing in my life. And that’s all I’m ready to say about it for now. So instead, I will share with you a poem I wrote.

Sweet Dreams

I love to sleep
Not because I’m lazy
But because I have a date
A fantasy from beyond
It’s the only time I get to see him
My beloved

Parting is not a sweet sorrow
I hold on to memories of every moment we had to share
And relive them every night
It’s the only way I get to see him
My beloved

The distance that keeps us apart
Leaves me in a vortex of emotion
Forced into a bitter situation
With dreaming, my only intoxication
Coz it’s the only way I get to see him
My beloved

I’ve loved and I’ve lost
Ready to hold on to the yearning for an embrace
Trapped in a past life, victim of circumstance
Thoughts of him leave me in a trance
But it’s the only way I get to see him
My beloved

A prayer for my future
My hopes and dreams fulfilled
A unity of two made one
A destiny fulfilled at long last
When I will finally see him
My beloved

Thank you for reading :-D.


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