30 Day Writing Challenge: Day #15

Jambo auxiliaries!

I have been a victim of procrastination for the past two weeks and for that I apologize. However, it’s partly because the challenge has been a bit annoying because it’s a post that I can only write before I go to bed and my thought process at that time is usually. . . . bananas! But enough of the excuses, I still really want to finish the 30 day writing challenge.

So, today’s challenge is. . . Bullet-point your whole day.

  • 8.20am- Woke up.
  • 8.25-12.05pm- Watched Insurgent again, checked my mail and made a few phone calls.
  • 12.06-12.25pm- Went to say hi to mum
  • 12.30pm- Had breakfast.
  • 1.00pm- Went to shower and get ready to leave.
  • 2.20pm- Left the house.
  • 3.00pm- Arrived at church for INDA session about climbing Mt.Kenya.
  • 5.00pm- Began physical training for Mt. Kenya.
  • 5.30pm- Fred bought me lunch at the church canteen.
  • 6.00pm- James arrived and we left for ABC Place.
  • 6.20pm- Arrived at ABC place and helped James do house shopping.
  • 7.00-9.30pm- Had dinner at 360.
  • 10.00pm- James dropped us home.
  • 10.05-11.30pm- Debriefed my day with mum.
  • 11.30-12.00am- Working on this blog post.
  • Sometime after posting this- I will pray then sleep.


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