30 Day Writing Challenge: Day #14

Jambo auxiliaries!

First off, cheers to being back from a mission trip to Ilchamus, it was a fun trip and I thank God for all He showed me. Plus, I also got to learn how to make mandazis and chapatis and that was super awesome. Now that I am back, I must continue with the 30 Day Writing Challenge. No pictures today though, no wifi :-(.

Today’s challenge is… Post your favourite movies that you never get tired of watching.

  1. The Matrix Trilogy. Because I think it was the best sci-fi movie ever and ahead of its time. The plot, the effects, the ambience… completely top notch.
  2. The Godfather. Because Michael Corleone was the coolest villain ever. And because of Vito Corleone’s line, “I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.” Best Mafia film ever.
  3. The Dark Knight Trilogy. I think this was the best Batman series ever and Christian Bale went HAM on his role. Loved the plot except for the twist in the Dark Knight Rises.
  4. James Bond. Because this is the best British film series ever. 50 years and counting and it just keeps getting better and better.
  5. Mission Impossible. Because I think this is the movie that makes Tom Cruise cool. Love the stunts and the obvious jokes, it’s a no-brainer type of film.
  6. Harry Potter. Because the books were awesome and I am a book lover so….
  7. Twilight Saga. Because it got to me, sorry!
  8. Resident Evil. Because…. I don’t have a good reason but I just like it.
  9. Quentin Tarantino movies. Because I like his style of storytelling, it’s unique and thrilling. Plus, the action scenes are super cool like in Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction.
  10. Divergent. Because I think the characters are cool and because I think the Dauntless are super cool and I would be one of them too.
  11. Titanic. Because I am a girl and because it has Leonardo di Caprio.
  12. The man in the iron mask. Because it has Leonardo di Caprio and because I love the storyline and the soundtrack is awesome.
  13. Inception. Because the plot is super awesome and because of the thrill of wondering if he made it out of limbo or not. And because it has Leonardo di Caprio.
  14. Pitch perfect. Because I love music and I love the idea of accapella everything.
  15. Underworld. Just because I loved how she killed Victor and the explanations of the origins of the vampire and werewolf species.


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