Day #12: Counting the Top Five Blessings in My Life

Jambo auxiliaries!

Welcome to the next five minutes of your future, hopefully used up wisely. Overheard the weirdest conversation today between my brain and my eyes. My alarm rang at 5.00 am and my brain told my hand to snooze, which was possible because my phone was on the right side of my bed which is on my left. So my hand obeyed, without question, because my hand is awesome and loyal.

My eyes, on the other hand, were trying to be slick, and they were like, “Are you sure? But it’s like Saturday, we don’t normally do this.”

Brain was like, “I know right, but this time we have to, we have a long day planned.”

This back and forth went on for about half an hour with my hand trying to intervene every 10 minutes by snoozing. And since I am writing this post on Friday night, because I have to get up on Saturday morning, I can only assume this is exactly what will happen to me tomorrow morning, which by the time you read this, might have taken place earlier today.

So back to life and back to reality because this post is still part the 30 day writing challenge and if you would like to join in or find out what it’s about, read about it here.

Today’s challenge is… Write about five blessings in your life.

5. Sweatpants… Because if I could, I would be in sweatpants all day err’day. They are so comfortable and just so perfect. As in, if only I could… The swag I would exude 24/7 by having such a great pair… OH MY DAYS!!!! <Wouldn’t normally use that phrase but that’s how much I love sweatpants.>

4. Friends… Because I’ve had a meeting with myself and I know how hard it is to put up with me, so for my friends aka my fans but really my friends who put up with me because they love me, they are definitely more than a blessing.

3. Family… Because I have one brother and one sister that have taught me life values like how to put up with others. We fight, we forgive, we joke, we laugh and we love. Being able to talk to my sister Joy, eliminates half the drama in my life as she uses her Masters in Psychology to manipulate me to grow up before my time. Thanks sis :-D.  My brother teaches me how to take care of myself like how to fix stuff around the house and on the computers. Pure awesomeness!!!

2. Books… Because I am such an addict when I have a favourite author. I once read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 8 hours straight, including the descriptions. Books make me smarter and they provide an opportunity for me to explore fantasies while still teaching me a realistic lesson.

1. Music… Because this is how my soul communicates. I can worship for hours on end without getting tired or bored or anything but enigmatic. I memorize lyrics with such ease that I honestly wish this is how we would learn everything. Especially when there are songs like ‘Oceans’ that literally take me to another world, this is just the best medium of anything everywhere. Just have to be extremely careful not to be influenced by the other side ;-).


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