30 Day Writing Challenge: Day #7


I’ve just realized it’s Monday and I miss Mzuri Monday Madness or maybe it’s just my random craving. Back to business, if you’d like to join the challenge or know what it’s about then click here.

Today: List 10 songs that you are loving right now.

No apologies because I don’t listen to mainstream music, it’s one of the compromises I made when I asked the Holy Spirit to guide my life. I am also extremely particular about gospel music because I believe not all gospel music glorifies God. So this is my list of prayer walk songs.

10. Stomp by Kirk Franklin

9. Now behold the Lamb by Kirk Franklin

8. Be still by Don Moen


7. I will sing by Don Moen

6. God is able by Deitrick Haddon

5. Shout Hallelujah by Bishop McClendon

4. Kwetu Pazuri by Ambassadors of Christ

3. Bila Wewe by Rebecca


2. How great is our God by Don Moen


1. ‘Oceans’ by Hillsong


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