30 Day Writing Challenge: Day #6

Jambo my lovelies!

I am just going to pretend that you didn’t notice anything strange over the past two days and just hope that you are having a fantabulous Sunday. I know that’s not a word, yet, but if we get Beyonce to say it, Oxford might just add it as well. But anyway, the 30 day writing challenge must continue and today’s challenge had me cringing all week because I had to think about my past, present and future to write this list. Before I forget, if you’d like to join or see the rules and regulations, click here.

On to the next one, today’s challenge is…

Five ways to win your heart.

So, I guess I’ll just get right into it…

5. Feed me. This means you can cook edible food. This means you can cook edible food that is mouthwatering, finger licking and lip smacking good. You don’t need to be a gourmet chef, I’d just need to know that should I travel or get sick or die, my children will still be able to eat because we would be a tag team.

4. Surprise me. This means being spontaneous and unpredictable once in a while. I like surprises as long as I don’t find out that I am going to be surprised. My curiosity on ‘cat level’ so I’d make you tell me or I’d find out and the surprise would be ruined and our lives would be over and that would be the end of the fairy tale. Do you see how important that is? Our lives depend on it.

3. Love me. This means accepting me as I am and still inspiring me to be a better person. Key word being inspiring and not changing me. It also means praying for me and praying with me. Don’t try to change me, let God do it.

2. Love others. This means being generous and selfless. I am against the notion of storing up immense wealth while others continue to suffer all around us. This means understanding that God blesses us so that we can bless others and use that as an opportunity to share His word.

1. Love God. This means having a personal relationship with God, that will not rely on me or on our pastor but it will strictly be between you and God. This means that we can pray together and pray for each other and be good role models for our children.


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