30 Day Writing Challenge: Day #2

Jambo auxiliaries!

My sincere apologies for this boring title but couldn’t think of a better one that would go with today’s challenge. I promise to have a better one tomorrow :-D. Thank you for the amazing support you showed me yesterday, if I manage to pull this off for the full 30 days then my hope will have been renewed to finish the 30 day shred. Woop! Woop! Just in case you missed Day #1 or if you’d like to join in, you can check it out here.

And now, today’s challenge is…

Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

I think the comment that stands out the most is,

“Auxilia, you are soo complicated.” said everyone.

Parents, family members, teachers and friends have all made this comment at one point or other in my life. I don’t disagree, it’s actually quite true. Every time I hear this statement, I stop, retreat from the situation and evaluate myself, if I am indeed having a moment. My thinking process and the things I decide to obsess about make absolutely no sense to anyone else but myself and God. It’s fun sometimes, but other times, I wish I could be simple and carefree like everyone else around me. That way, I wouldn’t be soo obsessive over things that no one else cares as much about thus saving me a whole lot of frustration. Not too sad about this though, I have the Holy Spirit changing me bit by bit. I am, after all, still a work-in-progress :-).


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