30 Day Writing Challenge: Day #1

Jambo auxiliaries!

Super excited about today, because as the title suggests, I am starting a writing challenge. *Roll credits.* I saw this on Isabellesudron’s blog who saw it on Klnikolov’s blog and now you’re seeing it on my blog. Join us if you’d like, see the guidelines below.

30 day

And now, my first day of the challenge…

List 10 Things That Make You Really Happy

10. Hanging out with James and Fred because we get to be silly and joke around for hours. We have such great banter, must be because we are all smart and have trophies to prove it and also because we are so different. And when Mike is around, that’s a whole other level of fun.

9. Starbucks Caramel Macchiato with whipped cream and vanilla. Looks like this but with a lot more whipped cream.

8. Hanging out at the church canteen. People pass by before or after where they were going, just to hang out and kill some time. The funniest conversations and discussions have been at this canteen. Also, great place to have a serious meeting so that it doesn’t feel so serious.

7. Watching chopped and trying out the random recipes.

6. Going on a solo prayer walk from home to Church. I usually have a list of songs that I sing out loud and dance to as well as a list of prayer requests and scripture passages. I get so psyched and don’t get tired even though it’s about 5km. The looks people give me are priceless, but I don’t mind being crazy for Jesus.

5. Reading Jeffrey Archer novels. I love his style of writing, it makes it soo hard to put down a book. I get soo excited when I get a new one and now I have the complete e-book collection, life is too good.

4. Mentos sour mix. I am soo obsessed with this candy that I can actually have a whole roll everyday. This might just be the way to my heart, through my teeth ;-).

3. Watching cartoons. Phineas and Ferb. Mike, Lu and Og. Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy. Sheep in the Big City. Powerpuff girls. Kids next door. Ed, Edd and Eddy. Dexter’s Lab. Cow and Chicken. I am Weasel and I R Baboon. 2 Stupid dogs. Johnny Bravo. Time Squad. Kim Possible. Samurai X. Samurai Jack. Courage the cowardly dog.

2. Going on church camps. I may not like the idea of camping but church camps have a way of bringing me out of my shell and forcing me to have fun regardless of the living conditions. It’s a great opportunity to know amazing people on a deeper level as we get to share testimonies and have fun SOBER!!!

1. Watching amazing sci-fi movies and series like The Matrix.


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