Compromise: Live for now, Die another day

There was once a great wall surrounding me

Big and strong, made of concrete and steel

At a time when I wasn’t looking to be rescued

But just felt I needed the time to wallow in my guilt

Sweetness, kindness, tender love and care

Your chosen weapons of mass destruction

To break down the fortress that had become my cage

You set me free

Almost a year later

And here we are

Here you are building the wall again

Feels suffocating but I’m helpless

The same weapons just won’t work on you

Alone and confused

Trying to understand but failing

But apparently, that makes the wall go higher

Lost with all hope depleting

I have but one choice to make

Suffocate or run while I still can

Ain’t that a damn shame

Should have seen this coming

But no time for shoulda, woulda, coulda

It seems I can’t survive without suffocating

Neither can I survive if I continue suffocating

Maybe tomorrow my prayers will be answered

Or maybe today will just be my last. . .


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