This is what it feels like to be untitled
Not restricted by words to define myself
Appreciating my freedom and not afraid to use it
I have the freedom to write what I feel without having to apologize just to make you smile
Truth is what I speak
I don’t mind being un-norm
All I need is these words to be heard
I don’t mind being misunderstood
I just need to be felt
So as long as you get the message that means you have felt
Me and what I mean to say
I don’t need a script for this
Reality this is
Taking one day at a time
One step at a time
One breath at a time
One bite at a time

Even in this cold
World that spins 365 times
I choose to survive
Because above I will rise…
They say the sky’s the limit
But what if I don’t need a limit
My destination is HEAVEN
So shouldn’t that be my limit?
I refuse to inhibit
My potential shall be explored just like an exhibit
I will sing a song and dance along
In celebration of tomorrow
The world of tomorrow…
How I long for tomorrow
How I long for the days when there is peace in this world
Through this spoken word
That’s a cause

A moment of silence for all those that won’t be there tomorrow
Fight we shall in their honor and on their behalf for tomorrow
When tomorrow does come we will be prepared
No more excuses of ignorance and illiteracy
No more pain just to gain our hearts desires
They shall be served to us on a silver platter
As the promises of tomorrow are fulfilled
And the truth of tomorrow is revealed
And tomorrow this world be destroyed…..
But the question is….


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