What the name AUXILIA means to me

Jambo auxiliaries!

It’s been a long day as I wasn’t able to go anywhere because I woke up feeling under the weather and I totally blame the weather for that. (Yup, know that was lame, I’ll try again). Prayers appreciated as I know I will be well. I am already healed by His stripes. But anyway, just thought I might share with you the meaning of my name, Auxilia. (Yes, it’s my real name, it’s on my ID and passport and everything).


When I first asked my mum why she decided to call me Auxilia, it turned out to be a whole story. So, apparently, she was really into Neighbours when she was carrying me and there was a character whose name was Karin. She thought it had a nice ring to it, but unfortunately, most of my extended family members were unable to pronounce it. It’s not their fault though, they just pronounced it how it would sound in Kamba which would be Kaa-Leen. Mum couldn’t picture me having to answer to that for the rest of my life so she changed it. Yaay!! Karin Kaa-Leen.

She discussed this with my godmother who offered an awesome solution. Apparently, a week or two before my birth, there had been a car accident in which one of my godmother’s friends was killed and her name was Auxilia. She told mum that Auxilia was another name for Mary, because she is/was the helper of all Christians, according to the Catholic Doctrine. Mum thought that was a perfect name and alas! Here I am 22 years later answering to the name Auxilia. Most of my extended family don’t bother with it and instead call me by Kamba name.

Over the last 22 years, I have discovered that my name has different meanings in different subjects.

  • English: Auxiliary verbs
  • French: Les verbs auxiliares
  • Biology: Auxiliary buds
  • IT/ Sound: Auxiliary port
  • Roman/ USA army: an auxiliary

Those are just a couple of examples. The highlight of my name discovery was in 2009 when I searched for Auxilia on Facebook and over 1000 results came up. Majority of the results were male accounts in Brazil and I had such a fantasy about it. I wondered how it would be if I married a man whose last name was Auxilia then my name would both be Auxilia Auxilia. Then if we had a boy and a girl and named them after ourselves they would be Auxilia Auxilia as well. So if someone called our house, they would have to specify which of the four they wanted to speak to. And if we were to receive a Christmas card, it would be addressed to The Auxilias, and that would refer to all of us. Still hoping for that fantasy to come true ;-).

Recently, my mum googled my name and got this definition. Auxilia means the queen of beauty. The website went on to describe attributes of a person of this name. Unfortunately, mum didn’t note down the name of the website event though we found it was almost 90% about my traits. Here is what it said:

1. Character: Auxilia is not easily influenced and tends to be an introvert, she doesn’t always say what she thinks and doesn’t always act according to her words. With a circumstantial and ambitious morality, Auxilia has her own system of values and beliefs which combine opportunism and interest. This strong intuition enables Auxilia to choose those around her with clairvoyance, as well as those that can be useful. Auxilia is a great seductress even if this is undertaken in a calculated and artificial manner.

2. Emotivity: Auxilia is highly emotive, bordering on excessive, and often exaggerates her reactions, particularly verbally. She bluffs her way through things and uses others. Auxilia often reacts afterwards, but in a formidable manner. She is highly subjective and believes that only her world is valid. She has a deeply fixed strong confidence in her destiny that she hides from others behind a surface humility.

3. Activity: Doted with a strong resolve and very organised, Auxilia can play on this character trait at times by feigning lack of understanding or an inability to complete in order to defend her own interests. She has a Machiavellian streak and is very clever at devising plans. Auxilia needs to complete her engagements and accept, if necessary, the need to abandon her power or any advantages she may have acquired. When everything is going well for Auxilia, she has excellent health and knows what is good, and what is not, for her physical and mental health. However, when she is not supported by success, her mental and bodily health can be disturbed. Auxilia is a conqueror who will not retreat from anything to impose her ideas, even if she has to lay her values to one side and use deviant paths. At all costs she wants to reach the end of whatever she undertakes, even if it appears that she has changed direction at times.

4. Intellect: Auxilia has a deep and analytical intelligence that enables her to have a global vision of situations. Very observant, Auxilia is also highly curious, even to the point of being indiscreet.

5. Affection: Disturbing and complicated, Auxilia appreciates great gestures, large demonstrations as her dual personality, secret and reticent holds her back and retains her. She wants to be understood, even if she is not easy to get to know.

6. Sensoriality: Auxilia troubles and intrigues her partner who doesn’t always know where he is with her and who is hidden behind her cold exterior. Auxilia is changeable, far more because of anxiety over protecting her freedom and independence than by frivolity.

7. Conclusion: Auxilia provokes lively reactions; passionate and critical… In all cases, she has a personality that does not leave people indifferent.

So there you have it. That’s everything people have told me I am or that my name means. But even with all this information, I simply think that my name, just like any other surname, means that I am a child of God. You should find out what your name means too!



6 thoughts on “What the name AUXILIA means to me

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  2. Queen Arky

    Thats the true meaning of Auxillia,me im Auxillia Lovejoy but ndinonyakuda Auxillia,ndakatanga kuziva meaning yezita rangu ndine8 yrs now ndine 15.we are the beauty queen

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  3. Anonymous

    Wow, well written, my name is Auxillia and the more i read this the more i saw myself. Auxillias are unique indeed. I just fell in love with my name all over again. Having to explain the meaning of my name to every individual i meet is the most challenging part though, but i just like my name… QUEEN OF BEAUTY..


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