Why you should cling to hope of a better tomorrow

Jambo auxiliaries!

Oops! I did it again. I called you auxiliaries, accidentally on purpose :-). Jokes aside, it’s Sunday which is my best day of the week, for obvious reasons. And for less obvious reasons, it’s the conclusion of one of my personal experiments.

So for the past week, I’ve tried to live without God. I decided to treat it like a breakup from a relationship just to see how I would be feeling at the end of the week. To be honest, I feel terrible. I had fun but underneath the fun there was pain. I enjoyed a lot of movies and series but they just left me thinking waay too much about how my life is off track. And the music…. just left me completely depressed and hating my life.

At no point this week did I touch my bible nor did I pray. It’s one thing to be preached to about this but it’s another to do it practically. It’s one thing to tell teens what to watch, read and listen to but if you can’t explain it practically, exactly how it actually affects them, then all you are saying is gibberish. (totally jazzed gibberish is an actual word) And because I am a scientist, practicals prove everything!!

  • One tree hill made me start feeling sad about my life like I could totally relate to the characters’ sad lives. In reality, I have an awesome family that loves me and is comparatively drama free.
  • Old school RnB like Boyz II Men, Usher and Mariah had me feeling sad that I am single, as though I am incomplete without someone to love. Drake had me missing an ex from 5 years ago. In reality, it feels great to be able to focus on myself instead of just jumping from one dysfunctional relationship to another.(I know that sounds shady but it’s just true so can’t help it)
  • Powerpuff girls made me feel like an underachiever, like how are these girls in kindergarten and saving the world and asleep by bedtime? Yes I know it’s a cartoon, but it made me think I am 22 and do not do any of those things.


These are just some examples of the things I chose to replace the time I would have spent with God. By last night, I was soo cranky, moody and hopeless. I realized that all these things were draining all the hope I had stocked up. We lie to ourselves that we are feeling inspired while in reality, the inspiration fades away and creates a vacuum for hopelessness to take over. When we meditate on God’s word and talk to Him and keep the relationship alive, we feel like the world is our footstool. That God is bigger than anything in this world. We get to focus on being a part of His majestic Kingdom and the spoils that come with.

This was just something that I had to learn practically. I feel like my heart has a hole that’s leaking hope and only God is putting more in. This week, I didn’t let Him and I almost ran dry. I can’t begin to describe the depression that kicked in, the temptations that plagued me or the desperation for a boyfriend. Last year, I did away with secular music on my playlist. This year, I want to do away with secular series like Scandal, Game of Thrones and Grey’s anatomy. It’s super hard but I know that it’s possible. I challenge you to let Him put more hope in your life.

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’…” ― Alfred Tennyson


3 thoughts on “Why you should cling to hope of a better tomorrow

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing this. A life without God is EMPTY!. Makes all the brokeness, loneliness and etc more real and tangible, but with Him, you actually realize a day comes and goes, God has sustained you and send a bird somewhere to meet whatever need. Apart from Him we can do and I’ll add, be NOTHING! God bless.


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