Why I prefer the left behind novel to the new movie


So I watched the new Left Behind recently and was extremely disappointed with the message. Instead of focusing on the significance of the rapture, they made it more about landing a plane safely in a seemingly impossible situation. Having read the books, I felt it was way below my expectations because the message wasn’t brought out clearly, it was too dilute.

Here is the trailer:

This is just another example of how complacent and relaxed we have become. We are no longer anxious about the rapture happening at any time. We keep thinking that we will be able to tell when it is about to happen. Like we are still waiting for the Antichrist that was described in Revelation, even though it may be too late for some of us. We have started focusing on maintaining jobs and attending Sunday service rarely taking time out to fulfill the Great Commission. If we read scripture about the 2nd coming more often, our focus would be on eternity and not our short time on earth.

I personally feel that we as Christians have become a bit too passive. We should be focused on sharing the gospel more often instead of trying to be the perfect Christians defined by the world. No Christian will ever be perfect, if we could be, we would not need the blood of Jesus nor His grace everyday. All we can do is keep trying to be more like Him and to follow His commands. If there were more active Christians, there would be less crime and it would be a safer place. When more people realize that when they sin, they will have God to answer to and be punished for eternity, they might think twice before killing someone.

We should also be more accepting of the lost souls that show up in church. We welcome them with judgmental tones about their appearance and conduct and still expect them to come back. I have heard so many people claim to be Christians that read the Bible and pray on their own without going to church just because of this. Jesus came for the lost and to free the slaves. Who are you to treat them like they are not worthy enough to come and hear the word? Who are you to tell them they are not worthy enough to serve in one ministry or another?

Let God choose His people. Welcome them with open arms like the Prodigal Son. Let’s make more time to spread the gospel as though we truly believe Jesus is coming soon. The Jews had waited such a long time for Him that by the time He came, they didn’t recognize Him. He told us to be prepared and to keep watch in Mark 13:32-37. Even though we think He is not coming very soon, how about your own death? You can plan your entire calendar for 2015 and die tomorrow. Let’s be true disciples and preach the gospel to all. Don’t expect your pastor to do so, his calling is very different from ours. We are the ones commanded to go to the nations.

Let’s not allow Christianity to be diluted. Let’s be Christians of impact wherever we go, so that all we do brings glory to God without condemning others, then we won’t be responsible for those left behind.



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