So I really didn’t want to have to write about this. I feel like there have been so many articles and blogs about it so I didn’t want to regurgitate what others have said, especially after the protest. I had so much hope in the men in this country that after all the campaigns against their actions, they might actually realize their wrong and change. Seems my hopes will just remain dreams that will only come to pass through divine intervention.

But, I came across this yesterday.



And this today.




And of course, the videos of the actual victims that I won’t share out of respect.

What bothers me is that these men will never understand unless they walk in our skirts.Those ladies SHOULD NOT SHARE ANY BLAME simply because of how they were dressed. It’s like telling a rape victim it wouldn’t have happened if she had come home early. Yet, if a man walks home late, he will just be robbed and that’s it. They never have to worry about rape until they go to prison, and learn what happens when you drop the soap. This is why they will never understand how it feels to be a victim. The men doing this clearly don’t have any respect for their mothers or daughters. Every woman is someone’s mother, wife or daughter. What happens when your friends decide to strip your mother? Will you fight them then or still join them?

Personally, if I were to strip any guys it would be those that wear their trousers below their asses. Clearly, they want to show more right? I think I could get away with that, so I won’t just strip their jeans off but their boxers as well because that’s what they wanted to show me when they were sagging. *eyes rolling* That’s the exact same logic in reverse. This is the logic we can’t carry into 2030. This is why we elect the same leaders we know are going to steal from us. This is why women are always being taken advantage of and are never being treated fairly. If you feel someone is indecent, donate clothes for them to cover themselves or make a formal report of indecent exposure at the police station.


Meanwhile, somewhere in NYC

I wonder what would happen if they tried to strip her. . .

So, dear gentlemen, which do you prefer?


Death With Purpose


So on Monday morning, I was happily scrolling down my timeline, when I came across a Standard Newspaper article claiming Dr. Myles Munroe was dead. So of course, I clicked on the link to find out what had happened and they chose to share it with the statements he made while in Kenya, that he wanted to die empty. I wanted to share this as well, so I looked for one of his famous quotes first, so I could post it with the link.

May their souls rest in eternal peace and may God comfort the families they left behind.

Then yesterday, my mum and I watched his sermon entitled “WHY MEN NEED VISIONS AND DREAMS”. As we watched it, I realized that a person’s death actually has more meaning than their life. Sure, he was celebrated as a renowned author and preacher, but after learning about his death, many that already knew of him, (including me) and those who didn’t (like some of you) were ready to Google him and share the knowledge of his death with everyone they knew. We all wanted to find out all we could about him, from his birth to his death, so we could tell others. (Heck, I didn’t even know he was from the Bahamas until that headline said it.) I realized this was true for every person we have deemed important to us, including Jesus.

When He was alive on earth, His followers literally followed Him everywhere He went, as in full on ‘stalker mode’. (Not the way celebrities keep us at bay these days, which is why they can never be more famous than Jesus.) For that to be possible, that means they weren’t as many as they are now. They were only twelve officially. Right now, there are a minimum of 2.18 billion Christians in the world. Can you imagine 2.18 billion of us actually following one person around physically and not just on Twitter and Instagram? All of us actually getting on boats with Him, climbing mountains with Him and walking on water with Him? His death had more impact than His life on earth ever could as His followers continue increasing hitherto. His death is the reason we are Christians, the reason we are saved for it is by the blood He shed on the cross. His death is still talked about over 2,000 years later to get more people to follow His Spirit. His death was a much bigger testimony than His own life because He rose again, no one had to pray for Him to resurrect because it was already part of God’s plan. He lived to die and rise again because that’s the only way to conquer death.

My prayer for you is that your death will be a testimony of the purpose your life fulfilled. That people will say you gave so much, it’s time for you to receive. That your life will be like a novel and the ending will be justified by the beginning. That you will work to fulfill your purpose before you go. That your death will serve the biggest purpose by getting people to find out what you did before you died. Don’t just leave dust and ashes when you die, leave a legacy. Don’t just live with purpose, die with purpose. I pray that the video below ministers to you, as it did to me, even though I am a woman. By learning what a man is supposed to do, I now know what I’m supposed to help with. So take some time and watch it because it really is eye-opening for both men and women. Be blessed!

If they don’t mourn you, they don’t miss you. If they don’t miss you, you didn’t mean much to them.

Take IT or Want IT

You can take it how you want it

Or want it how you take it

Either way, I’m getting mine

Not wasting my time

Picking up dimes

Coz I’m headed for the heavens

And reaching past the stars

Trying to stay out of bars

And trying to get my own car

Which I hope is not too far

Like just another falling star

So near, yet so far

Because to live is to dream and to dream is to live

And to live is Christ and to die is gain

So to live is to dream Christ

And allow Him in

And allow myself to gain

So take it how you want it or want it how you take it

Either way I’m getting mine

And that’s His love for me