Perspicacious and Proud

I am perspicacious

Wishing life was simply obvious

And all we had to do was follow the yellow brick road


I wonder why it has to be so complicated

Easily misinterpreted

Words seemingly constipated

With a touch of verbal diarrhea

If only they could just write themselves

That’s how these rappers extraordinaire

Write their lyrics and crown themselves debonair

Falling in love with their money

Letting them have a taste like it’s honey

But when they are done, there goes the money

And no more baby or honey

You’re just a story about last night,

Won’t even remember your name

They call it the price of fame

Losing yourself so they remember your name

But with no guarantee to this fame

They still won’t bother to remember your name

And we give them free reign

Oblivious to how wrong it is

As once questionable habits are no longer questioned

They are so accepted and so easily mentioned

Do whatever you want and you won’t be questioned

That’s how we live, that’s how we get mentioned

We like what’s on TV and only ask one question

How do I get myself in that mention?

So you forget it wasn’t real, that’s just a show

And you walk around and flaunt it till you become the show

You lose yourself and you also lose your flow

It takes a while for the consequences to truly show

And after that, you slowly realize that just below the glow

Your still that story from last night

No turning point, it’s time to see who you’ve become

HE sees you’re a disappointment so you get thrown

You wonder how you could have known?

Your untouched bible is how you should have known

But the damage is already done

You’ve used your life and you only get one

But back to the present, you still have some time

Declare yourself, declare who you’ll become




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