Because I am Priceless . . .


Priceless. I cannot be bought. Not by flashy clothes, cars or smartphones. So please Sir, try again. Sometimes, I wonder if I am the one with the problem, why I take offense to such propositions yet others purpose just to get them. Why others can be gold diggers and ‘transaction prostitutes’ yet I can’t seem to do the same. I have actually tried and have not managed to go through with it, the look of disgust remains plastered on my face if the ‘Hello’ comes with so much as a lecherous smile. I just can’t seem to do it.

Having referred to this verse, I now realize that I am indeed priceless and would be doing myself and my Creator an unforgivable injustice by trying to put a price on my body. Priceless. I cannot be bought. It is extremely disrespectful to be propositioned just because he bought me a drink, took me to a nice restaurant or simply because he made me an egg sandwich. Nah, I’m not that chick. So please Sir, try again!


I refuse to parade myself like a cow at the market looking for a buyer. I love gifts, I like to be treated, but it is very, very annoying to discover the ridiculous strings attached. I am not gullible or naïve but I honestly can’t tell what is expected of me anymore. If I assume strings are attached, then I am conceited and cocky. If I assume somebody is just being nice, like you would expect of someone you call your friend, then I am gullible and naïve. I’m still trying to find the middle ground on this.

I do hope that I will respond gracefully and will maintain my dignity in future, and so should you. Don’t lower your standards for a material reward, the risk is too high. There are already enough ways to suffer in this world without adding an STD, a smackdown from his wife or an unwanted pregnancy. Stay in school, keep your eyes on the prize, because he definitely is. All the other things will be added unto you. Ladies, be patient, being noble won’t make you itch.


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