International Day of the Girl Child

About A Girl

Cupid broke his arrow trying to get to my heart

Oblivious to the fact wood can’t penetrate the cold hard metal it’s become

With every heartbreak suffered, another piece dies as I slowly turn into  the Tin Man

And it all started with just one man

Not just any man

But the first man

The first man I allowed to penetrate

One of many unconscious decisions

Made without any precision

Credit to my alcoholic illusion

Having given myself away to someone so suspect

How could I dare to recover any respect

But to give in to what any man would expect

No cause to circumspect

Nor inspect

Even the ones I knew were a bit too suspect

But hey, what would you expect

From a girl that doesn’t remember her first time

Whose only price is a few drinks and just a little of your time


Judge all you will thinking you understand

Taking a stand

Coz apparently she broke a command

Ready to cast the first stone?

I see you eagerly twisting it in your twitchy palm

So go ahead!

DO IT!!!


What a man you are!

But allow me to burst your bubble

You’re just an ATM

An At The Moment

For your wife, daughter and clande

That’s all you are

So don’t kid your self

Ati just a man

For Who? For What?

Go ahead

Ask yourself

You’re somebody’s first man

An insignificant man that ruined a girl’s significant time

Again, for your wife, daughter and clande

So try again

Try throwing that stone

I’ve got mine ready too


Arms at the ready

Assume the position

Let’s see who’s David and who’s Goliath


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