Can You Be a Christian and Not Go To Church?

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Title: Work in Progress


So I think I’m being kicked out of my room, not by the school but by the wildlife. My post on new years was about a phantom lizard stalking me but this time the danger was real. Auxiliaries, (gasps for breath) a huge spider got into my room and by huge I mean it was like the size of my hand and by in my room, I mean I saw it walking on my walls. I know right, like what are the odds? Thanking God for 2 things: the sun was still shining and there was a super nice security guard nearby who saved my life. Ok, I know I’m being a little dramatic but I just don’t like having my space invaded especially by creatures that do not understand the concept about space. But that’s not what this post is about.

Today’s post is about being dramatic in our decisions. Being bold and innovative. Coming out of our comfort zone and exploring a new thing. For months, I have been debating about whether I should switch rooms or not but clearly, after Sunday, I think I can safely say my decision has been made. The signs have been there. I have been complaining about it for months and I hadn’t realized until it became something I even felt comfortable sharing with strangers. And that’s when it hit me. I had a ‘See your life’ moment. This ties into what I was doing with my life last week.

So basically, instead of an endless vacation in Penang thanks to Sumaya (who was truly such an awesome host) I had to cut my trip short and attend a leadership experience last week. It was sooo awesome, I learned so much in those four days, apart from knowing I can actually wake up at 4am if I have to. But I think the resounding thing was that we, as young people, have sooo many awesome ideas on how to change the world and make it a better place. But all we do is hide our ideas and become a part of the system and lead a mediocre life and then wait to die and have a generic funeral with generic eulogies downloaded from the internet. I was reminded, quite harshly, that that is not what I want for myself. Being mediocre pains me and stresses me and makes me sick all the time because I have been called for excellence that I have not been achieving.

To be honest, I have been hiding behind my excuses, and it is true that I have at least 3 excuses for everything I do. One more excuse and I’ll have built myself a mental prison from which I would die trying to get out of and my cause of death would obviously be misunderstood. But thankfully, I have been challenged again and this time I have accepted. I am now working on making one of my dreams come true. More details coming soon. And now I pass the challenge to you. It’s never too late or too early to start. I recently saw a 6 year old that started her own charity for helping homeless people and I was challenged yet again, what am I doing with my life?

Being a Christian is not about memorizing all the bible verses or having a perfect attendance record at church. It’s about being the change that the world needs. Yes, we are not of this world so we should not conform but we should allow our minds to be transformed by the Holy Spirit so we can change the world for everyone. We all know what we are supposed to be doing yet we just sit back and let everything fall apart around us. But as long as church is safe, but as long as we are safe in our houses, but as long as our families are safe, but as long as our friends are safe. But what about everyone else? They have friends and families just like you.


Be a good mother, it’s the Christian thing to do

Jambo akina mama!!

So it’s finally here, that Sunday when all mothers get to be pampered and catered to and appreciated for being mothers. Whereas my mum is 7099 km away in the middle of nowhere with her mum and mum in law, ok maybe not in the middle of nowhere, Nowhere only exists in Courage the cowardly dog. But anyway, point is she is quite far and out of reach for the weekend and will probably see this tomorrow in which case Happy Belated Mothers Day Mum *hugs from the other side*.


So I’ve been thinking of examples of mothers beyond the description in Proverbs and these five popped into my head.

  • Rebecca (Genesis 27:5-17)

Rebecca was the type of mother that helps her child win no matter what. This the type of mother that would help you with your homework, help you with your applications basically anything you need, she has your back. Granted both were her children, Jacob was still her favourite and she chose to help him get his father’ blessing. If I was Esau, I’d have my excuse as mummy issues for every bad thing I did after that. And I feel like this was just another example of how women run the world because we generally succeed at pushing our agendas. And then her agenda just happened to be in line with God’s that tells you that a good mother helps her child achieve God’s purpose for their lives.

  • The Mothers of Moses (Exodus 2:1-10)

So Moses was one of the first people to have two mothers. Some people don’t even get the chance to have one yet he was blessed enough to have two, he literally had the best of both worlds. The sacrifice his biological mother made was just. . . I can’t imagine having to do such a thing. For me, I always picture the hours of labour in childbirth after 9 months of the longest blind date ever then to just give it all up. And then just his luck, he gets picked up by the princess and just her luck she got to nurture him, some things only happen when God intervenes. But then when a mother is desperate and she cries out to God, he hears her and provides a way out.

  • Hannah (1 Samuel 1-2:11)

Hannah had a passion to be a mother. You would think that all her life, all she wanted to be was a mother. And yet it wasn’t happening, she waited and waited but nope, nothing happened. And just like Rachael, even though her husband loved her more, it wasn’t enough to fill the void of loving a child, because children are literally a blessing and a joy, even the ones called Blessing and Joy. The irony of her situation though, woiye. And then she prayed and asked God for a son with the promise that she would dedicate him to doing God’s work. And He gave and she gave. Because mothers make covenants with God to secure our future.

  • The King Solomon mother (1 Kings 3:16-28)

Now this was an interesting story. I reread it today and I was picturing him standing with a light saber ready to split the baby or maybe he had Excalibur. But anyway, the real mother sacrificed her rights to the child just so that the child would stay alive. That was unbeweavable, I mean unbelievable. It would have been trending longer than Lemonade, ok, maybe not but still. Especially in those days and times, such things were unheard of. I know we have been desensitized because of all the divorce and custody battles going on everyday, but then most of those cases are usually about pride and revenge and rarely about the best interests of the children. Because good mothers would sacrifice anything, even what they love most, even if its our relationship with them,  just to save our lives and to keep us safe. 

  •  Mary (Luke 2)

Mary was a special breed of mothers. For a young virgin girl, she sure had a lot of confidence about being a mother. Maybe by then she had clocked endless hours of babysitting. But still, to agree to babysit God’s baby? I can’t, like if He separates you from Himself, as in He decides you’re dead to Him, that’s it, you’re literally in hell. But you see that’s why Gabriel didn’t come to me. Can you imagine the panic when Jesus was left behind at the temple? (might have been weird if it was after the rupture) She must have been wondering what she was going to tell God. She must have been ready to start a speech like, ‘You see, what had happened was….’ But then clearly, God was doing His part in raising His Son in His ways, because God does not abandon His children nor their mothers.

And now we have a twerk and trap generation. Most mothers are busy chasing everything else instead of raising their children. Careers, husbands, chama… instead of taking the time to instill discipline and teach children in the ways of the Lord. I remember when I was young, the younger mothers would sit around my grandma and listen to her tell stories as well as share some of their own. And we would observe and listen and learn soo much about manners and etiquette and respect and basically how to be a woman of power. But where are they now? We have started keeping them in nursing homes so that we don’t have to take care of them or let them influence their grandchildren. And all we can do nothing else but pray and hope for a better generation.

I consider myself blessed. I remember spending a lot of time with my mum when I was young, she used to read me bible stories, she taught me how to pray, tried to get me to save for offering on Sundays, and she made sure I always had my Sunday best for church, my own bible, notebook and pen. She used to buy me tapes (yup, I mean cassettes) with narrated bible stories and kids gospel music. In doing so, she made sure that I knew where my home was. For even though I have stumbled and fallen and lost my way a few times, I have always known the way back home, the way to my Father’s house. And for that foundation in Christ that she helped set up in me at such a young age, I will forever be grateful. And for me, that’s all that I ever really needed. So thanks Mum!

As you appreciate your mothers today, don’t forget to thank them for introducing you to Christ. And if they don’t know Him, then you make the introduction, because you best believe they would definitely not hesitate to do the same for you. And if you’re a mother, I really hope you have already started teaching your children about Christ. It’s never too early.

Wishing you all a Happy Mothers Day!! 

Auxie out. *mic drops*